Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Heart Rate Pulse English or Russian Voice

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This Quality Certified device is an excellent tonometer.

Technical parameters:

1. Display mode: liquid crystal display screen
2. Measuring mode: depressurization type oscillometric method for measurement
3. Power supply: tow AAA alkaline batteries (3V)
4. Measurement range: (20-280)mmHg/(2.7-3.7) kPa (blood pressure) ,(40-160) times/min (pulse rate)
5. Accuracy:±3mmHg/±0.4kPa (blood pressure) ±5%(pulse rate)
6. Air charging mode: automatic charging
7. Air leakage device: air relief valve
8. Quick air leakage: electronic air release valve
9. Result display: high pressure/low pressure/pulse
10. Unit conversion: conversion of blood pressure value unit mm Hg/KPa (default unit when start is mmHg)
11. Number of memory groups: Double 99 memory groups.
12. Low battery inspection:LCD displays symbol "battery” to indicate low battery
13. WHO tip: blood pressure warning strip is used to indicate blood pressure and health status
14. Arrhythmia tip: LCD displays  "♥” flickering to indicate arrhythmia
15.Overpressure protective function :automatically releases air when air pressure exceeds 295mmHg (20MS)
16.Automatic shutdown function: automatic shutdown in one minute when there is no operation
17. Current: dynamic current less than 500mA , statistic current less than 30 mA , shutdown current less than 20uA
18. Normal working conditions:
    a) Environment temperature: 5-40 degrees Celsius
    b)Relative humidity:less than or equal to 85%
    c)Atmospheric pressure: 85kPa ~ 105kPa

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