White Noise Machine USB Rechargeable for Baby Sleeping & Relaxation

26.99 37.24
White noise is a helpful sound signal that can shield the noise and bring you into an easily sleeping environment so that you can enter into sweet dream quickly.  
This White Noise machine highlights:
1. Create sleeping atmosphere for easily entering into sleep and fall into deep sleep. 
2. Great for baby pacifying 
3. Help you focus and improve efficiency in study and work
4. Shield snoring noise from your spouse or roommates, no need to underbear the pain by wearing anti-noise earplugs. 
5. For travelers that have time difference, help create a familiar sleeping environment
6. Block sudden noise (such as fireworks, lightning, thunder), reducing pet anxiety and scare 
7. Up to 9 soothing natural sound, can cater to different people in different occasions.
8. The internal structure of the speaker is designed according to the acoustic principle, so that the effect of white noise can reach to ideal state. 
SOOTHING NATURAL SOUND: 9 Kinds of sounds: white noise, summer night, rain, brook, ocean, light music, bird, serenade and cradlesong.
All the sounds are designed to mimic the natural environment, are realistic, natural and smoothing, no jarring noises. Select the sound that you prefer.
SUPER MINI SIZE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Super mini size and only 125G, smaller than your hand, can be easily placed in your backpack or suitcase. 
You also can hang it on the hang it on baby trolley while walking with your baby.
AUTO OFF TIMER: 15, 30, 60 minutes for option and played continuously. It will automatically shut-off after that, so you don't have to worry about turning it off. 
3 LED indicators can show you the setting time(15mins-Red light / 30mins-Green light / 60mins-Blue light).
WHITE NOISE NATUROPATHY: This White Noise Sleep Helper promotes sleep by creating the sleeping atmosphere through naturopathy(sound therapy), can mask noise while not interfere with the user, 
making the original noise seem to be weaker, thus appeasing excessively irritated cranial nerves, soothing emotions, relieving stress, and promoting sleep. 
VERSATILE USE: Great for promoting sleep and making sleep easier, also great for baby nurseries, snoring noise shielding, street noise shielding, pet baby pacifying in case of sudden noise from fireworks, 
lightning or thunder, etc. Can be used in home, office, college dorms, apartments, hotel rooms, office, kids' room, business trip, etc. Use it anywhere, any situation.

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