Intelligent Digital Body Fat Scale

55.99 77.14

Do you want to lose weight reasonably? Do you want to know the data of your body? Then this smart electronic scale will be able to satisfy you, it is easy to use and operate. 


  1. Connect to intelligent APP by one click, knowing you better than you know yourself, making your body under your control. 
  2. 59 functional data can be analyzed, including 32 physical test data and 27 system push functions. 
  3. Each time measure the weight will be automatically recorded, intelligently generating a curve comparison chart for easy comparison. 
  4. APP private customization tells you how to eat more healthy foods with different nutrition. 
  5. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which has fast charging time and no need to worry about low battery. 
  6. Support multi-user settings to automatically identify family members. 
  7. Customized personal slimming plan for more scientific, effective, healthy exercise and slimming. 


  1. Panel material: tempered glass
  2. Display: LCD display
  3. Power supply: USB rechargeable
  4. Weighing range: 0.1kg-180kg
  5. Connection method: BT

How to use: 

  1. Install mobile APP 
  2. Connect body fat scale 
  3. Measure the data 

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