New Latest Ultrasonic Liposuction Slimming Machine Strong Ultra Cellulite Removal

1,150.99 1,500

Losing weight is no longer a dream, take action!

This 40K Cavitation Machine is multi functions: weight loss and skin lifting beauty equipment. 

Strong wave of 40KHZ will be emitted to body for impacting cells fiercely and results in friction motion among fat cells, which will cause calories consumption and smaller the size of fat cells. Furthermore, large number of fat cells will explode immediately due to intensive impact and wave vibration, then quantity of fat cells are significant decrease.


  1. Fat burning: 40KHz RF frequency produce ultrasonic cavitation crack fat cell.
  2. Face lifting: this device produce RF frequency, penetrate skin and stimulate new generation production.
  3. Skin whitening essence: photon LED light has red light which can whiten and cure the face.
  4. 40k fat burning+ 5MRF skin beautifying function, multiple body shaping functions combine together, tiny volume, new upgrading, it has max cost performance.
  5. Body Shaping, fat dissolving, cellulite repelling
  6. Tighten and strengthen skin elasticity, skin rejuvenation and lifting
  7. Remove fine wrinkle and smooth shrink pore
  8. Lymphatic drainage, promoting metabolism and blood circulation
  9. Contour and repair post-pregnancy scar


•Ultrasonic 40KHZ is recognized as most power cavitation system

•Combination of red light and RF can accelerate tissue coagulation to avoid muscle slacking after slimming

•Non-invasive, non-surgical and without anesthesia

•No risk of rebound and no side effect

•Treat all kinds of skin

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