Portable Mini wearable ECG Monitor

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ECG is used in measure the heart's electrical conduction system, recording the electrical activity of the heart. 

Portable and easy to operate, this ECG monitor helps you predict sudden risks and provide heart health management daily inspection, waveform changes. 
As a family medical grade ECG device, this Snap ECG recorder needs only to connect a smart phone to gather data at any time, turning complicated ECG data into a health report that is easy to read. It enables everyone to easily understand their heart.
Strong practicability: High sensitivity to drastically increase the accuracy of ECG measurement. Using a portable ECG device can increase detection rate of arrhythmia by 2 to 3 times and of atrial fibrillation by 4 times. It provides 7x24 hour risk alarm to monitor the condition immediately and to remind you of getting treatment.
1. Enable to recording when you have symptoms or prevent sudden risks, can be used in daily life, respond analysed data through App.
2. The innovative design of removing the lead wire, eliminates the trouble of stripping, convenient to use.
3. Put your fingers on the device and you can begin to detect the electrocardiogram and capture abnormal signals in time.
4. Tracking your condition anywhere, anytime, follow up the therapy effect.
5. Online guidance by renowned doctors.
6. Seven core technologies: real-time analysis, online consulting, synchronous display, no need for consumable, portable, doctor read the picture.
7. Cloud backup to let the heart disease no where to hide.


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