LSC-20H Timing Intelligent Laboratory Electric Centrifuge 6/8-Hole

348.99 487.20
A centrifuge is a motor-driven device used in laboratories for the purposes of separating the components of a liquids.  Separation is achieved by spinning a vessel containing material at high speed; the centrifugal force pushes heavier materials to the outside of the vessel.
This apparatus is found in most  academic, clinical and research laboratories and is used to purify cells, subcellular organelles, viruses, proteins, and nucleic acids.
This Electric Centrifuge features:
1. LCD
2. The infinite speed regulation is more precise and convenient
3. Smooth Operation of Alloy Rotor
4. Noise Reduction and Temperature Reduction in Diversion Design
5. Overspeed, open door cover and other automatic stop work to ensure safety
6. Rubber sucker, smooth operation
Scope of application: for medical, research, production, food processing, petrochemical and other fields

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