180D Professional Quality Easy Portable ECG EKG Heart Rate Monitor

499.99 699.62

Daily home self-check means a better heart safety! Capture earlier, cure earlier.

This Easy ECG Monitor is intended for measuring and recording the ECG waveform and average heart rate of adult patient. It is applicable for use in clinics and homes, and convenient to operate by the patients themselves.

Doing ECG check at home helps finding about heart condition, effect of medication, and situation of surgery recovery and whether there is a sudden risk. With this professional easy ECG monitor, heart change condition can be recorded in daily life. 

This product features:

Fast measurement: 30 seconds

Multilead measurement: can detect I, II, III limb lead or chest lead ECG: comprehensive care heart health

Continuous detection mass storage: measuring with medical ECG wire can continuously detect and store for 30 hours high -quality ECG waveform. You can access dynamic electrocardiogram at any time and playback to your attending physician.

Professional Analysis: 19 kinds Arrhythmia results. Can analyse arrhythmia for patients without knowledge of heart disease.

Voice prompt function

Monitoring SpO2: real time monitoring. Display Plethysmogram. Support data storage and replay trend graph.

Detailed Analysis: Sophisticated Data Management Software powered by cloud computing technology enables you to read ECG graphic more easily. 

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