CryoCord+: Baby's Umbilical Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Stem Cells storage


Cryosave's umbilical cord blood and cord tissue kit for the long-term storage of your baby’s stem cells. Save today, protect tomorrow.

More than 70 diseases can be treated with allogenic cord blood stem cells so far and actual active research will bring even more future applications. 

Stem Cell storage from a newborn’s Umbilical Cord is expanding among families. Banking your child’s Cord Blood Stem Cells is not only potentially valuable for the child itself, but also increases the possibility of having transplantable Stem Cells for a family member in medical need.

CryoSave services offers you the possibility to Save your baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue Stem Cells for more than 25 years.

CryoCord+ service features:

storage of your baby’s umbilical cord tissue as well, in addition to the regular CryoCord offer. The collection kit provides everything needed to collect both cord blood and cord tissue and to keep them safe and protected during transport to the lab. The collection is painless and risk-free for mother and baby.

The service includes:

• Providing an exclusive and safe collection kit specifically designed for our customers.

• Processing and cryopreservation elaborated in Switzerland. 

• Sepax 2 processing system, the most efficient volume reduction system in the world.

• CryoSave’s unique NX-322 protocol for the highest recovery cell separation.

CryoSave unique and exclusive equipment performs the highest quality processing and storage protocols to ensure the best security for our customers. The expertise of our team and the state-of- the art technology allows us to offer a unique quality stem cell storage service, with exclusive advantages.

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