Serenity: Early Cancer risk screening


A risk-free blood or saliva sample for DNA collection for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Screening

Serenity screens the entire coding regions of BRCA1 & 2 and PALB2 genes and detects all variants.

Early detection saves life. Results are issued within 1 month so you can  to avoid stressful waiting.

The Breast Cancer (BRCA) 1 and 2 genes were first identified in the early 1990s and represent the most significant and well characterized genetic risk factors for breast and ovarian cancers.

Also, loss of function mutations in PALB2 increase significantly the risk of developing breast cancer. Cumulative risk of breast cancer for a carrier of PALB2 mutation is 24-35% by 70 years of age, close to the risk confers by BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations.

Serenity, a quality milestone in preventive medicine, is the affordable solution to screen your BRCA genes, no matter your age, providing the advanced knowledge that empowers you and your doctor to make informed decisions that protect your health.

Treatment of breast cancer has progressed tremendously and continues to do so at a faster pace because of better understanding of its biology. It’s a combination of prevention, early detection and treatment.

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